Blind plate

Blind plate

The word "eight" blind plate can be written as "eight character blind plate", which means the same.

The word "eight" blind plate can be written as "eight character blind plate", which means the same. It is said that the proper Arabic numerals are correct. The reason is that the shape of the product is like an Arabic numeral eight character style. The materials are divided into Q235, 20, 304, 316 and so on.

This kind of blind plate is different from the common products we know. It is divided into two parts. The main function is to facilitate the maintenance of the pipeline. We look at this product as if a pair of glasses without legs is the same. Two lenses, connected in the middle. The figure 8 blind plate gives us such a feeling. One half is a ring and the other is a blind plate connected in the middle. Intuitively speaking, the product is like a pair of glasses, but one side of the lens, there is no lens on the other side, there is such a feeling.

As the name suggests, it is shaped like an 8-shaped blind plate. One end of the blind plate is a blind plate, and the other end is composed of a throttling ring. When conveying fluid, the throttling ring is used, and the blind plate is used when cutting off. It is a bit like a shut-off valve. It can be used to cut off when the valve leaks, and its sealing performance is better. For the system that needs to be isolated, it is generally selected as a good isolation method. There should be two shut-off valves in front of and behind the spectacle blind plate. When they are all in the closed state, replace the spectacle blind plate. The common operation and standby of heat exchanger, reactor operation and standby, connection of nitrogen pipeline and process pipeline, etc. Another feature is that the logo is obvious, easy to identify its installation status.