Insulating gasket

Insulating gasket

Insulation gasket,as the name implies,is placed between two metal conductors as insulation isolation.

What are the insulation gasket materials?

Insulation gasket materials are pet,nylon,PC and highland barley paper,etc.Let's take you to know more about it

1.Pet insulation gasket

The thickness of PET film is generally between 0.025mm and 0.5mm,and the common colors are transparent,black,translucent,milky white,etc.Pet insulation sheet is widely used in electronic and electrical appliances,motor,communication and other industries by die-cutting manufacturers.It plays an important role in insulation,shading and protection of various products.

2.Nylon insulation gasket

Nylon sheet has high tensile strength and impact toughness,good lubrication resistance,good electrical insulation and chemical resistance.The molded nylon insulation sheet is used in motors,electronic appliances,etc.Can be processed into various specifications of meson gasket according to customer requirements,the common varieties are PA6,PA66.

3.PC insulation gasket

PC material has flame retardancy,it also has these advantages after die-cutting.Because of its superior performance,it is widely used.

4.Highland barley paper

Features:good insulation,flexibility,water resistance,grease resistance,good gap blocking material.

Application:die cutting products are generally used in mechanical and electrical products,mostly used for the spacer pad in the indirect closing of hard metal parts,which is usually called insulating sheet.Now,the common one is highland barley insulating sheet used in 18650 lithium battery.

What is the function of insulating gasket?

Insulation gasket,as the name implies,is placed between two metal conductors as insulation isolation.It can also play the role of isolation and temperature resistance.There are many kinds of insulation materials,and the mechanical properties are also different,which need specific analysis.